Nurmijärven Nuorten Kristillinen Yhdistys ry - NKY

Klaukkalan Kuusimäki, Klaukkalantie 124, 01800 Klaukkala

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NKY is abbreviation for finnish words that means Youths' Christian Association of Nurmijärvi. It was founded as early as 1919 by local Lutheran pastor and some laymen. The purpose of association is to support youth in Christian , moral and intellectual education. We have cooperation with different Christian denominations and churches in Finland and other countries.

Our present activities focus on


 Kids' Praise (King's Kids groups)

  Gospel Cafe in Klaukkala

  Bible study groups

  Word and prayer services

  Women prayer activities

  Christian men activities

  Christian family support

  Humanitarian aid in Russia, mainly St. Petersburg region, co-operation with Team East Mission

Orphanage and slum aid in Brasil, India and Uganda

In our activity centre we have flea market that produces  income to support youth and humanitarian activities.

We have got visiting preachers from many countries, like Australia, Brazil, Estonia, Germany, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia, Uganda, Ukraine, USA .

Foreigners know us as "Second Hand Church of Klaukkala", the church where one can choose own armchair in the meeting.

You are all most welcome !

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